Friday, March 04, 2005

I love running at night

I had a lonely, but calming run last night. It started as a group run with the Denver Trail runners, but as soon as we turned onto the single track the group spread out. Two in front of me and two behind me. I ran alone evenly split between the other two groups. That was fine with me too, I wouldn't have minded some company, but I needed to run my own pace and it gave me a chance to unwind. My only wish would have been for a little more moon light so I could possibly turn my head lamp off and really run in the dark.
I've been running nights all winter with DTR. We meet at 6:15 all year round and without daylight savings time that means running at night. I've never really had a problem with it, I usually have my headlamp, but this year I've been getting to really enjoy it. On a full moon night with a relatively smooth trail you can turn the light off and be left with just the sound of your foot steps hitting the dirt.
Although I enjoy running at night due to the peacefulness, I've been thinking that there should be more night races. Come to think of it are there really any night races at all other than ultras or relays that go through the night? Maybe a full moon series during the summer would be good. Adam Feerst is on the right track with his twilight series (hopefully that'll get off the ground again this year), but those are still in the daylight hours. I'd like a start time of at least 9 or 10 at night. Midnight would be good, but it would be that much tougher to draw a crowd.
Anyways, I just wanted to let people know how much I like running in the dark. Does anybody else share my joy?

Mike Robbert

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