Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm back

After a long hiatus from blogging I'm going to try to take another stab at it. I just found a new Firefox  extension called ScribeFire that should make it easier for me to post. If this is the case you can expect to see more posts in the weeks to come. If not, then I'll probably disappear from the blogosphere again.

So, to catch everybody up...

I ended my 2005 season with a sprained ankle in the middle of the Aspen Golden Leaf 1/2 marathon. I wound up with another 2nd place overall finish in the TRM TS, 1st in my age-group again. The ankle sprain didn't affect these standings at all, but forced me to back off my training. I think that I was without running for about 2 weeks and nothing serious for at least a month. I'd twisted my ankle a number of times before this and it would hardly slow me down, I'm convinced that this one was so bad because my body was weakened by too much racing. Because of that I didn't compete in the TS in 2006. I don't remember doing much in 2006. I had a decent race at Pikes Peak Marathon. Didn't get my goal ascent time, but I didn't completely bonk like my first attempt so I was able to race down which was a blast. I love downhill running!

Last fall I bought a road bike at VeloSwap and this year I'm going to concentrate on triathlons. I'd like to do an iron distance event, but may not be able to schedule one. This winter had a lot of snow cover which kept me off the trails. Now that the snow is melting I'm finally getting back on the trails and remembering why I love running. I'm going to have to balance my need to train on the roads for a tri with my love for the trails. Maybe someday I'll learn to mountain bike and try and off-road tri like the Xterra series.

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