Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feeling as well as I have in a long time

Just a quick update here. My July trip to M.D. Anderson has come and gone. The good news is the the CT scan shows my tumors are still completely stable. No significant growth in nearly 2 years now. The other news is that while there is still some fluid around my lungs it appears to be stable as well. The important thing is that I can barely tell that it is there even while doing some pretty serious bike rides.
Speaking of bike rides, which is what I'd rather be talking about, I've been doing quite a few. I've now done two 60 mile rides. The first one on primarily flat roads, but this past Sunday I rode up to Idaho Springs from home. It is about 30 miles up into the mountains following mostly side roads paralleling I-70. Idaho Springs is a popular starting point for climbing Mt. Evans and I wanted to scope out the route even though I probably won't use it for my ride because it'll add unneeded miles and climbing. It is a fun route with a very steep descent on the way out where I hit my highest speed ever of 53mph. I stopped for lunch and ate way too much so I my stomach was a little sore when starting back, but I made it just fine. Next weekend is the bike race from Idaho Springs to the summit. I've got a friend riding in the race so I think that I'll try to make it up to Echo Lake via Squaw Pass which will completely avoid the course, but get me to the approximate half way point of the race and past half way to my goal of reaching the top from home.